Ranga’s stand proud today!

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New Zealand CHR station The Edge has celebrated 'rangas' for six years now on the 25th of May.

Generally, the theme is to encourage New Zealanders to 'Hug a Ginga' however for today's event they are encouraging New Zealand employers to give Ginga's the day off in addition to a hug.

Today, The Edge is encouraging New Zealand employers, teachers, parents and personal trainers to show their support and appreciation for redheads by giving them the day off.

 A day off work, home work, PE class, doing the dishes, the gym, filling the water cooler, making lunch; whatever it is The Edge is calling on the nation to embrace redheads.

“It’s about showing Gingas some appreciation and making them feel proud of their flaming locks,” said Leon Wratt, Programme Director of The Edge.

The Edge have prepared 'day off' permission slips to download (below), a Hug a Ginga etiquette video (below) and even T-Shirts, as seen above, which listeners can win or purchase.

Across the day today The Edge has setup ‘Hug A – Ginga Day Off’ stations in 17 locations across New Zealand where people with red hair can receive some loving.






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