Radiodays Asia 2023 gets underway

Radiodays Asia 2023 opened in Kuala Lumpur today, with Malaysian Minister of Communications and Digital YB Teo Ching highlighting the importance of radio in communities internationally. 

“In Malaysia we know listeners are engaged and loyal to their favourite radio station and as you all know, this is echoed around the world: Information and news (both National and Regional) can be broadcast in real time, as the story unfolds and as is so important nowadays, we are considered a trustworthy source to keep our audiences informed and to counter mis-information,” he said. 

“In times of huge global news, natural disasters, as well as national or local community stories, radio can accurately reflect what is happening. Just as importantly, audio can celebrate culture, entertainment and music and give the sense of belonging to the listener.”

The Deputy Minister emphasised how radio has maintained its relevance throughout its time by creating a direct and immediate “platform for music and conversations,” which is now being bolstered by podcasting. 

“With the rise in podcasting we see a younger audience being attracted to audio, with many becoming podcasters themselves,” he said.

“Podcasting has been fast growing and poses new opportunities – themes of both Radiodays Asia and Podcast Day Asia.”

“Seeing professionals from the Asia-Pacific, and from across the world, gather here in Malaysia to discuss current radio and podcasting developments, as well as its future, is a great thing. To see a vibrant media industry looking ahead to meet audience expectations and develop its business models for the changing audio landscape in the coming years is important, not just for the audio industry itself, but also for our millions of loyal listeners – now and in the future.” 

The Radiodays Asia 2023 event runs from 5-6 September and is attended by professionals from 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific and around the world. 

The event brings together industry experts to share ideas, discuss pertinent topics and showcase innovations from their own stations and podcasts.

 Yesterday, the event held two workshops focused on social media for breakfast shows.

The new Podcast Day Asia starts on Wednesday, 6 September, dedicating an entire day to podcasting with a series of expert presentations from the Asia-Pacific and Australia. 

Next year, Radiodays Europe will be held on 17-19 March in Munich, Germany. 

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