Radio Today Podcast: What to expect from next week’s ratings

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Radio Today Tonight is back for round two – this time a little shorter, but with just as much goss.

This week’s episode covers what’s in store for the 2DayFM Breakfast show in Sydney next year and who’s going to be involved. Would you be willing to place a bet on who gets the gig?

The team also explores what to expect from the radio ratings release next week, and why in these “unprecedented times” this really is a survey “like no other”.

Episode two of Radio Today Tonight covers:

  • Does anyone care about a new logo?
  • Radio Today’s 30 Under 30 Awards (and why we changed the categories)
  • What next for 2DayFM Breakfast?
  • Axed SCA talent finding new gigs
  • 2GB collecting fallen Channel 10 talent
  • And why commenter ‘Pete’ is a knob.

Radio Today Tonight will come to you each Thursday, mixing the biggest news of the week, along with a discussion of all the personalities, politics and pressures involved in the audio industry.

It will be jointly hosted by Radio Today editor Vivienne Kelly and publisher Jake Challenor.

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Woodrow Anderson
25 Sep 2020 - 12:07 pm

Well for one, Im looking forward to seeing how the dumbing down of 2gb (aka attracting a younger talk back listner) fares for 9 Radio. Breakfast and Drive seems poorly produced with less segments with “coming up in the next hour” the go to phrase to fill the next 30 seconds. Just like TV.


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