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Radio Today Podcast Reviews has kicked a regular feature looking at the hot radio podcasts around. And already you guys are giving us  heads up of some to check out. 

Podcasting is a way to get your content heard and increase your reach and profile. It’s the era of self-distribution and Podcasts are a good way to market yourself to not only the public (and your friends) but also a good way to showcase your work to radio network Programmers. 

Podcast listeners are ‘super listeners’. It’s a rapidly growing medium. Podcasts are at the forefront of on demand audio.

We’re in a golden age of podcasting. Now that audio has moved to on-demand people are really jumping in and quality is improving.

If you’re in radio you should be doing podcasts. If your station or network aren’t organising them for you and distributing them, then you should be doing it yourself. Podcasting is bigger than you think and it’s only going to get bigger.

You can check them out via  iTunes,Whooshka, Omny and other podcast platforms.

If you have produced a podcast series let us know at [email protected].


1: SCA Hit Network’s Em Rusciano host of national Sunday nights hosts this funny,  authentic, supportive, surprising, topical and truthful weekly podcast.




2:  Meshel Laurie from KIIS Melbourne’s Matt & Meshel Breakfast covers off The Nitty Gritty Committee – Stories on the Guts and the Glory of Life. It sees Meshel taking a more intimate approach with past guests including Kyle Sandilands, Luke McGregor and Making a Murderers Ken Kartz.



3: Hamish & Andy from SCA’s national Hit network drive show replay bits from their radio show. Guests include Carrie Bickmore and they replay highlights from their recent Peoples Cruise.



4: The Thinkergirls Stacey June and Kristie Mercer are ‘ talking chicks ‘ who talk about subjects like wearing condoms, Is Instagram depressing, friendship breakups and travel versus buying a house. 



5:  Hit107 MD Aidan Grant hosts a music based podcast called Viny Soul. lt’s about the affect music has on people’s lives and the journey it has taken them on. There are 28 episodes, with Josh Pyke, Osher Günsberg, Tony Martin, Ryan Fitzgerald and others, online if you want to check it out. Each episode also features an up and coming local artist who could do with a bit more exposure. I


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