Radio Ratings: smoothfm dominates while ABC celebrates key wins

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Welcome to the second GfK metro radio survey of 2019.

Radio Today‘s comprehensive rolling coverage will bring you all the market #1s and GfK ratings cards from 9:30am.

Check back throughout the day for the big talking points, headlines, and top takeaways from each metro market; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

There’s also detailed market analysis, as well as DAB+ ratings and how the networks will play a game we like to call The Spin.

Survey #2 for 2019 was conducted by GfK for Commercial Radio Australia between Sunday, March and Saturday, April 13.


  • smoothfm being #1 FM overall in Sydney among People 10+ is starting to become a trend, and despite falling to 9.5% (-0.2) the network remains ahead of KIIS and WSFM.
  • It was an excellent book for KIIS FM, up to 9.1% overall (+1.4), while the Kyle & Jackie O juggernaut rolls on, rising even further into double digits with 11.4% (+1.3).
  • smoothfm’s Byron Webb is the #1 Drive show on FM, but ABC’s Richard Glover is the top rating Drive show across both bands, rising to 10.4% (1.1) to beat both smooth and 2GB.
  • Despite losing top spot on Drive, 2GB gained share overall to finish with 14.5% (+1.1) as the #1 station in Sydney.
  • Meantime there were big dips for both Triple M (-1.7) and WSFM (-1.6) on FM Drive, however, The Chaser on Triple M Afternoons had a good result, up 1.3%.
  • triple j also lost ground overall and on Breakfast, a traditional fall following Survey #1 which is traditionally bolstered by Hottest 100 listening.

#1 FM Overall – smoothfm
#1 AM Overall – 2GB
#1 FM Breakfast – KIIS: Kyle & Jackie O
#1 AM Breakfast – 2GB: Alan Jones
#1 FM Drive – smoothfm: Byron Webb
#1 AM Drive – ABC: Richard Glover


  • Fox FM’s run as the #1 FM station in Melbourne has come to an end, toppled by smoothfm which rose to an 11% share of People 10+ (+1.3).
  • Gold104.3 came in second spot, up into double digits with 10.1% (+0.7), as Fox finished with 9.9% (-0.7).
  • A flat result for KIIS FM on both Breakfast and Drive, and ARN will be hoping a rise above 5% won’t be too far away.
  • Smooth is also #1 on FM Breakfast, with Mike Perso & Jennifer Hansen securing 9.5% (+1.7) ahead of Fox and Triple M in second and third.
  • Little change on Drive, with Fox still #1 for FM and 3AW top dog on AM.
  • 3AW remained dominated in all key dayparts, comfortable #1 overall and for Ross & John on Breakfast.

#1 FM Overall – smoothfm
#1 AM Overall – 3AW
#1 FM Breakfast – smoothfm: Mike Perso & Jennifer Hansen
#1 AM Breakfast – 3AW: Ross & John
#1 FM Drive – Fox: Hughesy & Kate
#1 AM Drive – 3AW: Tom Elliott


  • Not much change in the key FM dayparts in Brisbane, with Nova retaining top spot with 12.4% (-0.5) ahead of a congested pack, as well as Brekky and Drive.
  • Hit105 bounced back after a disappointing first book, rising to 11.8%(+1.6), while 97.3FM were also up to 10.8% (+0.4).
  • Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie retained the #1 Breakfast position with a 12.4% share (-0.5), while 97.3FM’s overall gain didn’t translate into Breakfast (flat on 9%).
  • Nova’s concern may now be that the success on Breakfast and Drive isn’t being replicated on Mornings and Afternoons.
  • 4KQ retain #1 AM, tying with ABC Brisbane who had a great book (+1.0) to 7.9%.
  • ABC now holds market-leading positions on Drive with Steve Austin, and Breakfast with Craig Zonca & Loretta Ryan (10%)  defeating 4KQ’s Nick Michaels (-2.3 to 8.2%).

#1 FM Overall –  Nova
#1 AM Overall – 4KQ tied with ABC Brisbane
#1 FM Breakfast – Nova: Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC: Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan
#1 FM Drive – Nova: Kate, Tim & Marty
#1 AM Drive – ABC Brisbane: Steve Austin


  • Mix 102.3 is still the market leader in Adelaide, rising even higher to a 13.9% share of People 10+ (0.6).
  • ABC Adelaide continues to hold off FIVEaa and Cruise1323 for the top spot overall on AM, in doing so reaching double digits this book.
  • Mix’s Jodie & Soda are still the king and queen of FM Breakfast (13.5%), but ABC’s Ali Clark is top of the tree overall on Breakfast (14.7%).
  • Drive continues to be the thorn in Mix’s side, with Will & Woody steady on 12.7% (+0.1) still behind Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty with 13.1% (-0.4).
  • Meantime Cruise’s Mark Elliston has snatched top AM Drive from FIVEaa’s Rowey & Bicks.

#1 FM Overall – Mix
#1 AM Overall – ABC Adelaide
#1 FM Breakfast – Mix: Jodie & Soda
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC: Ali Clarke
#1 FM Drive – Nova: Kate, Tim & Marty
#1 AM Drive –  Cruise1232: Mark Elliston


  • SCA’x Mix94.5 remains the strongest station in the west, ending the second book of the year with 15.4% (-0.2) overall among People 10+.
  • Nova is second both overall, Breakfast and Drive, while 96FM had some gains to celebrate; up to 8.3% overall (+0.5) and Paul & Lise on Breakfast to 7.3% (+1.1).
  • Newly installed ABC pair Nadia Mitsopoulos & Russell Woolf retained their place at the summit of AM Brekky but had to settle for a tie with 6PR’s Steve Mills & Basil Zempilas who also finished on 9%.
  • 6PR still managed finished #1 overall for AM and on AM Drive.

#1 FM Overall – Mix94.5
#1 AM Overall – 6PR
#1 FM Breakfast – Mix94.5: Clairsy, Matt & Kymba
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC: Nadia Mitsopoulos & Russell Woolf tied with 6PR: Steve Mills & Basil Zempilas
#1 FM Drive – Mix94.5: Kennedy Molloy
#1 AM Drive – 6PR: Oliver Peterson

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30 Apr 2019 - 9:25 am

So Nova Brisbane has number 1 brekky and drive…but LAST place mornings and arvos.

Weak music offering, at least GameChangers Podcast approves

30 Apr 2019 - 9:45 am

Time for PJ to stop trying to make Nova sound like Capital, shows are doing very well in every market but workday is dismal in every market.
Learn something from your competitors, old men take a step back from the CHR music

30 Apr 2019 - 10:01 am

Nova just isn’t what it used to be. Poor showing this round. They were leaders once.
Melbourne has never done well. And Sydney is not much better.2Dayfm and Nova Sydney both on a 6 share how did that happen. Both crap breakfast shows.

Keven Arnild
30 Apr 2019 - 10:35 am

That 96 breakfast show was the only thing that moved. Well done. I hope they aren’t going to have another go at mucking around with 96… just incrementally make a station Perth needs, not old glory and return to the good old days slash and smash and bits of this and that

30 Apr 2019 - 10:37 am

WSFM down across the board losing over a point in each slot across the day. Anything to do with their ‘million dollar’ giveaway that went from the start of the year until just before Easter? The ads were so repetitive and ended-up being a turn off – even the announcers sounded sick of it. Great to see they’re now moved on to a ’10 million dollar giveaway’. **Yawns and changes station**.

30 Apr 2019 - 11:01 am

Hit 929 the worst performing in the network again with a breakfast show more concerned with social media than rating.

Roger Dangerfeld
30 Apr 2019 - 11:03 am

Dub Dub Dub Dub Double U S (SSSSS) sounds so ridiculous and 90s with its imaging, i am ashamed to listen to it. Framing a really good breakfast show with all this hoopy annoying busy garbage is crazy. i counted the strap line 5 times in a 45 seconder the other day, nearly drove off the road. They are chasing smooth tunes a bit too I have noticed, how that overproduced big voice and a thousand punters slammed together with noise works around that playlist in anyone’s professional radio mind is fascinating.

30 Apr 2019 - 1:31 pm

How does the 3pm pick up rate

radio nerd
30 Apr 2019 - 2:15 pm

I’ve changed from Nova to Hit105 (Brisbane) at work during the day because of the music.

30 Apr 2019 - 2:37 pm

The new Smallzy morning show on Nova 96.9 sounds very good but the music is the problem.

The Greatest Hits strategy has killed the station, same boring old throwbacks repeated daily. Same current hits played to death. Last to pickup new music.

Nova needs to stop sharing their playlist between Sydney and Melbourne and taylor their products to their markets.

Go back to sounding different again like when you first started or at least give Sydney the Brisbane playlist which is far superior.

1 May 2019 - 7:50 am

“The Chaser on Triple M Afternoons had a good result, up 1.3%”
Also Ugly Phil, who does the majority of that time slot, had a good result too.

2 May 2019 - 4:19 pm

so whats so good about Smooth ? are the jocks fun and entertaining, or is it the music rotation ?

10 May 2019 - 1:51 pm

The best station in Sydney atm for music has got to be c91.3. MacArthur sydney….do t know where it rates…..shows and djs are good and music rotation on song….better than all the big hype stations…keep doing what ur doing


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