Radio guy’s remarkable story of survival

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Brad Guy, who you might remember as the ‘I love StarFM Dubbo guy’, has told of his remarkable story of survival.

The wannabe radio announcer was last August employed as an Online Content Producer for Nova 100.

That same month, he cheated death in a tandem skydiving accident.

Guy’s last words before jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet were: “I hope my parachute opens.”

It didn’t.

Neither did his reserve chute.

Guy told the Herald Sun he knew something was wrong when his instructor started swearing.

He asked if they were going to die and the veteran instructor replied “I don’t know”.

Guy explained: “It didn’t really feel like I was falling to the ground, more like the ground was coming to hit me, like the earth was coming to smack me.”

Miraculously Guy and his instructor survived the accident and, despite not being able to feel his legs at the time, Guy was able to walk again.

But life has never been the same and Guy has suffered both physical and mental pain from that day. He also told the Herald Sun he was made redundant from his radio job soon after the accident.

Watch the video of his interview and read the full story online.


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