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Larry Rosin of Edison Research has presented this afternoon at the conference on 'what's working at work' with radio listening.

Whilst the study is from US listening, there are some relevant points for Australian radio.

Over to Larry;

The last study was done in 1997, in the days when radio 100% owned workplace listening. A general office may have had one internet connection if they were lucky, and listeners weren't even surveyed about online listening.

Flash forward to 2013, and workday radio listening has taken a hit. Today's survey finds people now flick from Pandora, you tube, satellite radio and terrestrial radio. The market share has been majorly fractured.

At work radio figures are now down, which has a major part to do with the job rate in the states. More American males are out of work than every before,and less people are doing the typical 9 to 5 job. People actually work more hours, but typically have more than 1 job, often juggling two low paid jobs.

What are people in offices talking about? Here are the breakdowns from where they get the content they tell their friends about;

78 % television
72 % online
60 % radio

What do people do while they work, alongside doing their workday tasks;

73 % scan internet
49 % listen to radio
39 % read newspaper
20 % watching tv

Almost half of peoples workday is spent in front of a computer, so where do they listen to the radio?

74 % in front of a computer
69 % working indoors
86 % working outdoors

And to the numbers. Who listens to what?

38 % radio (FM/AM)
29 % mp3
28 % streaming radio
23 % cd
16 % piped in music
12 % satellite radio

The best statistic for radio stations is that listening to the radio at work makes you more productive.

Why do people actively choose to listen to radio at work

82 % for their favourite songs
62 % news
55 % major breaking news
44 %t alk/personalities/specific hosts

And why do they choose radio over other music options?

  • To feel part of a society, and know the real world is out there
  • To hear the news and weather, traffic updates.
  • To hear their favourite breakfast shows
  • Other peoples stories


How does internet only radio go?

People actively use their own personal smartphones to stream non traditional internet stations. It's becoming problematic, as more and more people are wearing headphones at work, which is distracting from daily tasks, and has become dangerous.

Listening through headphones has become a real issue 'bosses' are trying to navigate through .

So is there hope for radio with so many other distractions and options?

Very much yes, as radio gives companionship and localism, that's other mediums just can't do.

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