Price cleared of defamation

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Steve Price has been cleared of defamation charges in court this week. 

He had been charged with defaming the so-called 'NRL Cougar' Charmyne Palavi (left) in the way he referred to her in an exchange on 2UE with celebrity reporter Peter Ford in 2009.

They were discussing comments Palavi made to the Four Corners episode 'Code of Silence'.

From News Limited, here is an excerpt of the transcript of Price and Ford's conversation during that broadcast:


  Ford: "But can I just make one other point that I think is being lost in the wash here. What I think is actually quite an incredible and serious story. Now this apparently wasn't used on Four Corners on Monday night simply for time reasons I imagine, but that lady Charmyne Palavi
  Price: Yes.
  Ford: Who sets herself up as some kind of matchmaker or madam or something. Now she claims that

Price: Can I use another word?

  Ford: Yeah.
  Price: Slut.
  Ford: Yeah. She sets herself up to do this stuff and to put people together, presumably all willing participants, except she's claiming that there are NRL players who are seeking out underage girls, and one particular player's house is where they meet and where the underage sex takes place. Now if she has this information, well for a start the media should be onto it, and secondly the police ought to be onto it as well because she's claiming she has knowledge of NRL players having sex with underage girls in a very organised fashion.
  Price: Yeah, well the police ought to investigate that. Thanks, Peter.


The jury dismissed the case.

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