PodcastOne’s new ‘Allergies’ podcast series explores food intolerance

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Leading Australian professors Mimi Tang and Katie Allen from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute are involved in a new PodcastOne series about allergies and food intolerance.

The podcast series explores why allergies and intolerance occur, as well as diagnosis, management and prevention.

10% of all babies in Australia are affected by allergies, while one in 20 children and two in 100 adults suffer.

The Murdoch Children’s Institute is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate information for Australians, and these issues are addressed in the series

“Allergies are incredibly common, but for parents and sufferers, they can be quite confronting”, said professor Tang.

“People struggle with the perplexing and often inaccurate information that’s out there, so we have created Allergies with PodcastOne to separate fact from fiction to hopefully alleviate some stress and create a healthier community overall”, said professor Allen.

“Using the free and easily accessible podcasting medium, we have been able to distil and present information in a clear and accurate manner, in language everyone can understand”.

The series looks at the following across nine episodes:

  • What an allergy is
  • Anaphylaxis and its diagnosis
  • Managing allergies and food intolerance in the community
  • Prevention and travelling with allergies
  • Emerging research and potential cures
  • Gut allergies and delayed reactions
  • Intolerances and gut health
  • Are food allergies on the rise?
  • Asthma, eczema and hay fever

The full series is available here.

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