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2Day FM scored a coup this morning with Kyle and Jackie O, getting the Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the air whilst they had Lara Bingle in the studio.

Given today saw the commencement of a marriage equality campaign, Kyle and Jackie O asked the Prime Minister Gillard if her views had changed on the issue of gay marriage;

"I know I’m going to disappoint you…I haven’t changed my mind, we will have a conscience vote so people will be able to vote whichever way they think is best… lots of Labor members are out there talking to their communities"

When asked about her thoughts on the US President's support of gay marriage, Prime Minister Gillard commented;

"I thought that was a big step for President Obama…It just goes to show that it’s a very individual decision… he obviously thought about it deeply and changed his mind from what he originally said…I think that shows the people need to think about it for themselves and make up their own minds."

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