GOLD 104.3’s Patrina Jones says Christian O’Connell Show has been her radio ‘lifeline’

Former Editor & Content Director
Christian O'Connell

GOLD 104.3’s newsreader Patrina Jones has revealed that her stint on the FM-leading Melbourne Breakfast show, The Christian O’Connell Show, has reinvigorated her career and thrown her a lifeline.

She also praised the show’s namesake, noting he’s always full of praise and very encouraging of her involvement in the show.

Jones is celebrating 30 years in radio in October, but said she feels more focused, and more herself, than ever.

“And then of course Christian O’Connell came on board two and a half, nearly three years ago, and talk about reinvigoration – that’s just been such a lifeline for me. I was probably getting a bit complacent, a bit stale, approaching 50, you know, a woman of FM media, probably older than most, and this has just challenged me and taken me completely out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what the universe sort of ordered for me, I think. It’s been brilliant,” she told Kate Made’s Women of Influence podcast, which is currently profiling 100 women over 100 days.

“I’ve sort of been steady as she goes, that’s offered me some security and peace of mind, but this has sort of really put me out there, and I’m so lucky and so fortunate to have been given the opportunity. It’s been great.”

Jones said she still suffers from overthinking and imposter syndrome, but now tries to approach he on-air banter, personality and chemistry with a “no fucks given” attitude.

She said she now brings more of herself to the show, because you simply can’t fake it.

“Your whole role as a newsreader on a show, apart from doing the news, a lot of it rests on your shoulders to be bright and bubbly – not fake bright and bubbly – but just keep the team spirit up,” she said, noting that no matter how much you love the job, no one actually wants to be there at 4am.

“But it’s the gig. And it’s who you are.”

She added: “I am very fortunate… I’ve always loved what I’ve done. And it’s, I do believe in karma and I believe that, especially with the show I’m working on at the moment with Christian O’Connell, I believe that the stars do align and things do happen for a reason, and the chemistry that Christian O’Connell and Jack Post and myself have is not something that you can [fake].

“You know, you can throw a show together, you can do all the research, whatever, but if it’s not going to click, it doesn’t. But I can tell you right from the get go, right from the first time we all met, it just did. It’s the universe I think.”

Jones also revealed how the routine of radio kept her grounded and stable as she battled with kidney cancer.

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9 Feb 2021 - 10:17 pm

Love her on the show

10 Feb 2021 - 2:28 pm

Pats is bloody awesome. just as real as they get, big love.

Robert Rossiter
11 Feb 2021 - 6:20 am

Keep up the good work Patsy.

3 Nov 2022 - 6:24 am

Love love love Pats.


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