OPINION: What have you got planned for this Friday? by Mel Greig

Staff Writer

Friday, March 17 is the National Day Against Bullying and Violence . . . . what content do you have planned? You have one of the most powerful platforms to make a difference and we all need to be using it.

We all understand that a show needs momentum, to keep the fun levels up. But have you ever sat down with a parent or child and spoken to them about bullying? To see a child’s innocence, fade away? to see the pain in their eyes and watch them become helpless? Again, I ask you. What are you doing this Friday?

If every radio station across Australia dedicated just 4mins of air-time this Friday to talk about bullying . . . do you realise how many victims that will reach? The courage it will give children to know they aren’t alone? One break, even at the end of the show for an announcer to come on and share their story, air a call from a mother asking for guidance on what to do or a chat with a child about how bullying affects them.

Every form of bullying is ruining lives, suicide is the biggest killer of our young people. Do you need to go that deep? No. But half of Cyber-Bullying victims aren’t talking to anyone or seeking support, let them know you stand with them and encourage them to talk. It doesn’t need to be ‘morbid’ just get the conversation started.

I created Troll Free Day over a year ago, after 2 years of online trolling, we all know what happened but what followed was revolting and because I was at my lowest point I started to believe what these online abusers were saying and it nearly ruined me. It gets to a point though where their abuse means nothing and you learn how to ignore it and then use that experience to try and help others. Our most vulnerable need your help. So again, what are you doing this Friday on-air?

I’ve created a 1-hour radio special again this year to air across Grant Broadcasters, the Ace Radio Network and other stations that have jumped on board. I’m happy to share some of the content for you to use on-air and have attached our opener and a segment with Linda Trevan who’s 15-year-old daughter took her own life. This isn’t about me, but I’m certainly not going to stand by and have 10-year-old children look me in the eye and tell me they want to take their own lives due to bullying and then do nothing about it. What are you doing this Friday on-air?

Please reach out if you want to have a chat about Troll Free Day on-air or to use any of our content that Grant Broadcasters are happy to share for the greater good and I thank them for their support. [email protected] and more details about TFD at www.trollfreeday.com.au.

Listen to the Troll Free Day Radio Special Live on Wave FM this Friday at 8am or stream it via www.wavefm.com.au

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