Omny Studio launches “Podcast Discovery Feed”

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Omny Studio has launched the Omny Discovery Feed, a new podcast feed that has multiple shows and delivers fresh, personalised content every week.

The feed is designed to help podcasters by delivering their show to new audiences, and allow listeners to discover new podcasts.

“One of the first things you’ll notice is that if you and a friend adds the Podcast Discovery Feed at the same time, the shows you get will be completely different to the ones they get”says Omny Studio’s Head of Content, Matt Saraceni.

“It’s kind of magic how it works. I prefer not to download a new app just to try something out, so we wanted to make sure it worked in the apps people are already using. It’s especially good for people who say ‘I’d like to start listening to podcasts, I just don’t know where to begin…’ which is literally something my Uber driver said to me the other week.”

The Discovery Feed operates in the same way as other podcast RSS feeds. Listeners subscribe to the feed through iTunes or their chosen podcast app. The feed contains short 30-40 second “promo” clips, which describe what the show is about, followed by that show’s most recent full episode. A key feature of the Discovery Feed is that listeners can vote “yes or no” to what they’re hearing, which then affects the content they are delivered. The first iteration will include teaser clips from a wide variety of shows and networks.

“Curation is one of the main sticking points of on-demand media in general. The voting feature in the Discovery Feed has the unprecedented effect of creating a completely unique set of recommendations for each listener, with a total refresh of shows in their RSS feed each week,”said Sophie Kneebone, Omny Studio’s Podcast Manager.

“Listeners will also have the ability to subscribe to each individual show they hear, demonstrating the huge potential benefit for podcasters included in the feed.”

The feed is “platform agnostic” and is not restricted to Omny Studio content. It also means that plays of the full episodes from the feed will hit the podcaster’s servers and be reflected in their own analytics.

The Omny Podcast Discovery Feed is available now and can be found at or by searching “Omny Discovery Feed” in the iTunes store.


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