Omny launches world first at Radio Days Europe

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Omny Australia is set to unveil the world’s first all-in-one audio capture, storage, editing and analytics solution built specifically for radio.

Omny Studio will launch tonight in Milan as part of Radio Days Europe.


The guys at Omny started with a problem faced by us all, how do you go from On-Air to online with your program content with ease?

They have been working on Omny Studio secretly for a while. When it came to how it works they secured input and development ideas from all departments.

The Engineering guys helped out with the Auto-Capture of the live program feed, Audio Producers for how it stores, and databases show content. From the Program Producers side, annotations and automatic speech to text transcripts.

For the social and web side, Omny got input from Online Content Editors for their workflows and finally the Programming side so they can tap into the audience analytics.

Omny Studio also has an on-the-go Mobile App, that will the allow user to upload content on the fly.



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