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The plans to allow media companies to have market reach beyond 75% look to be back on the agenda. In a private dinner last week, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull met with media execs including CRA CEO Joan Warner and CRA Chairman and MRN COO Adam Lang.

The government looks like it will do an about face and revisit the current ownership laws, where owners cannot   reach more than 75 per cent of the population and prevent one company from owning a TV signal, radio station and newspaper in the same market.  

Today in The Australian they quote a spokesperson for Malcolm Turnball as saying: “Mr Turnbull agreed with the private dinner conversation that the closure of local news services had activated the interest of regional MPs. He also agreed that repealing 75 was a reform likely to get through the parliament as it is understood to have Labor’s support.”

It follows WIN Television’s closure of a couple of local newsrooms in recent weeks.  The Australian also reports that Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Warren Truss has also “softened his position”.

If the reforms get the green light, it means networks like SCA could then merge with a television network.

You can read more in the The Australian.

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