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Earlier in the year, the New Zealand Radio market was turned on its head as NZME announced it was commissioning its own fully funded radio audience research in the three key markets of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

NZME went with  TNS, the same provider that the sector has used for 20 years, but at the same time introduced what is now considered world’s best practice in using mixed methodology including an on-line sample with e-diaries. Something you see in markets like Australia and the UK.

NZME’s decision to go it alone and fund their own survey came off the back of the New Zealand industry body deciding to abandon the first official survey for 2015. “Clients’ Needs” being the stated driver behind the NZME decision.

NZME with three independent broadcasters commissioned the research, conducted from February to March this year.

So did the roll of the dice pay off?


Auckland is the largest and most important market in New Zealand with around a third of the population living in that city. The results in this market therefore have a disproportionate effect on revenues for a company, and pretty much if you’re strong in Auckland you’ll do well nationally.

  • The NZME commissioned results see’s their talk brand ZB still dominate with a 13.7 share. NZME’s other brand Coast takes second spot with a 10.4 share.
  • For MediaWorks in Auckland the Breeze and The Edge hold 3rd and 4th place with a 6.6 and 6.1.
  • NZME’s The Hits in 5th in the Auckland market with a 5.2.
  • Out the Top 10 in Auckland, MediaWorks has 6 out of 10 top ranking.


Christchurch on the South Island is the next largest market outside of Auckland in the North.

  • A tight battle between NZME’s talk brand ZB and MediaWorks MORE FM. ZB is out in front with 14.8 with MORE a 14.5.
  • From there MediaWorks brands dominate the market overall, taking out positions 3 through to 6 – with The Sound 10.7, Breeze 9.9, The Rock 8.1 and the Edge a 7.5
  • For NZME, ZM pulls a 5 share ten plus.



  • The windy city of Wellington see’s MediaWorks The Breeze take the lead in the market with a share of 16.1.
  • NZME’s ZB a 15.2.
  • It’s then a bit of daylight to next lot stations. With MediaWorks the Sound third with 7.8. The Edge a 7.2 followed closely by NZME’s Coast with a 7.1.
  • ZM and The Hits are ranked next a 6.3 and 5.9 of Christchurch.


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