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New Zealand radio’s ratings structure has been in a state of flux over the last 12 months, with Survey 1/2015 being cancelled, and then reintroduced by NZME without Mediaworks participation. And in recent months it was announced that TNS had lost the contract for ratings for to GFK from 2016.

So with all that background, today’s survey results (with both Mediaworks and NZME taking part) have been released and on a national basis it’s all about NewsTalkZB, The Rock, and Coast FM.

ZB again is the dominant national brand with a share of 12.1% across the country and a cume of 371,000, followed by TheRock who have snuck into second place nationally on 8.9% with a cume of 303,000, and Coast FM on 8.8% with cume of 264,000.

In 4th place was AC The Breeze on 7.7% from 312,000 cume. The highest cuming station was The Edge with 438,000 listeners, although understandably the TSL was not as strong as the 3 brands above, resulting in The Edge having a share of 7.6%, #5 ranking overall.

For a breakdown of the various key markets, see below.



Auckland is the largest and most important market in New Zealand with around a third of the population living in that city. The ratings in this market therefore have a disproportionate effect on revenues for a company, and pretty much if you’re strong in Auckland you’ll do well nationally.

So to the overall rankings in Auckland:

  • NewsTalkZB remains the clear market leader in Auckland with a 13.7% share overall, a margin of 4% over the #2 station, NZME stablemate Coast FM. 
  • Breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am) show Newstalk ZB with the highest share, with 18.7% of the commercial radio breakfast market followed by Coast with a 7.6% share.
  • Coast regained the ground lost in the last official survey and have ovetaken The Breeze. Coast is  #2 spot overall with 9.4 share.
  • Breeze has lost ground compared to the last round, down .7 to pull a 7.1 in Auckland. The Breeze is in fifth position with a 5.9% share of breakfast commercial radio listening in Auckland.
  • Mediaworks CHR “Edge” is again  ranked #4 overall but has seen declines again in this round. That said The Edge is in third position this wave with a 6.4% share of the breakfast market.
  • The Sound has moved nicely through the ranks for MediaWorks. Now ranked #5 up from a 4.2 with last official run to a 5.7 today.
  • Mai FM was flat overall and is in 6th place on 5.2%.
  • The Rock is down on the last round a 4.9% share.
  • ZM has increased their share this round, the last official TNS round in 2014 had them pegged at a 4.1. This time a 4.7. Overall the  ZM network is in fourth position with 327,200 listeners each week but compare that to their main revival – The Edge with 437,500. 
  • The HITS have had a shocker – last round a 5.3, this time down to 4.6.
  • More FM Auckland with it’s third survey under former NZME Programmer Christian Boston, sees it jump again this round to  4.3% share up from 3.8% last time..



We won’t go into as much detail with the other markets given Auckland is the dominant market in New Zealand; however Christchurch is also a large market. The rankings overall are:

  • MediaWorks would be happy. More FM has stolen ZB’s dominance in Christchurch. More FM pulls a 14.3 share this round to be number 1. Breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am) show More FM with the highest share, with 20.5% of the commercial radio breakfast market.  
  • For NZME, talk brand ZB has lost a fair chunk of listeners, last official survey they pulled a 15.3, this round down to an 11.7.. ouch. Overall Newstalk ZB is in second place in breakfast with a 15.2% share of the market.
  • TheRock has had a ripper round. Place 5th last time, they jump to 3rd overall with an 11 share.
  • MediaWorks The Breeze has also increased its share a 10.8 this book.



Below are the rankings for Wellington in S2/2015.


  • The nations capital of  Wellington is all about Newstalk ZB with a 13.5% share of the market. Breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am) show Newstalk ZB with the highest share, with 16.6% of the commercial radio breakfast market. 
  • The Breeze is in second place overall with a 12.9% share in Wellington. The Breeze trails ZB breakfast by 1.6% with a 15% share.
  • ZM in third place with a 7.8% share overall. ZM is in fourth position at breakfast with an 8.1 beaten by The Hits.
  • The Hits is in fourth position with a 7.6% share overall and The Rock is in fifth with a 6.7% slice of Wellington’s listening. The Hits is in third position this wave with an 8.7% share of breakfast and The Rock is 5th with a 7 share.

For all other markets in New Zealand you can access the detailed results through the TNS site here.

Particularly for our New Zealand readers, we’d love your local impressions and local knowledge on the results in the comments below. 



NZME is first out the gate with their PR spin on Survey #2. It’s Hauraki’s Jeremy Wells with Mike Hosking for a special edition of ‘Thank You For Your Honesty’. It’s a regular on the Hauranki breakfast show.


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