Nowra local wins $5,000 in Power FM’s Scatterbrain Friday


After a long nineteen weeks, Power FM’s Scatterbrain competition has finally been won.

One lucky person has taken home the major jackpot prize of $5,000 in Scatterbrain 5k Friday.

The promotion, which runs during the Stolzy and Abby Breakfast Show on ARN’s Power FM, saw hundreds of listeners ring in each day for their chance to win the daily jackpot.

They were given one letter, 10 questions and 30 seconds to get them all right, in order to win the weekly jackpot.

Since January 16 this year, there hadn’t been a winner of Scatterbrain for 143 days, with the highest previous jackpot of $3,000 back in 2023.

Eager to give away the $5,000 major jackpot, Stolzy and Abby called Power FM’s Content Director live on air, asking to bend station’s format and stay on air until one listener won the major prize.

Last Friday 7th June, after 32 games back-to-back across 7 hours, Trish from North Nowra called Stolzy and Abby, successfully answering all ten questions in 30 seconds, finally breaking the Scatterbrain drought, and scoring the $5,000 cash jackpot.

When asked what she’ll be spending the money on, Trish said “I am going to help my little sister out who, is struggling at the moment. She puts her kids first and leaves nothing for herself”.

Abby says “The phones were in absolute meltdown with everyone from the Shoalhaven and Highlands wanting to give it a go, our regular players and a stack of first timers. It was awesome to hear the locals who lost pass on their good luck to others.”

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12 Jun 2024 - 1:25 pm

isn’t that just alphabucks stolen?

12 Jun 2024 - 3:54 pm

@copycat answering questions correctly under time constraints to win is hardly an original concept to steal

Regionals should be the place to try new stuff!
13 Jun 2024 - 9:15 am

that’s definitely just alphabucks lmao

18 Jun 2024 - 1:13 pm

@NothingNew this one is specifically being given a letter & having to answer categories with a word starting with that letter. It’s exactly alphabucks XD


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