Nova unveils new Alexa voice command skills

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NOVA Entertainment has launched a new Alexa skill for listeners of the Nova Network, cementing their place as an industry leader in interactive voice experiences.

Nova listeners will now be able to ask their Alexa smart speaker questions like “Who sings this song?”, “What song is this?” and “What show am I listening to?’

Listeners will also be able to change station, switch between live radio and catch-up, and tell Nova which shows they like or dislike – all via voice command.

In the announcement of the new Alexa skill, NOVA Entertainment described its vision, “to transform the way people listen to radio, by delivering an interactive, connected and personalised experience that provides an easy way for the audience to listen to what they want, when they want.”

This latest development will be followed by further releases of new capabilities to further enhance the user’s experience and introduce unique advertising propositions for clients.

Such developments may extend further to Google Home as well, with Nova heavily prioritising interactive radio.

Nova’s partnership with Acast already makes it the biggest podcast player in Australia.

“Smart speakers, voice UX and constantly-improving AI voice services are becoming increasingly important for audio publishers,” said NOVA Entertainment chief digital officer Fayad Tohme.

“The mass adoption of voice-enabled devices and conversational experiences is accelerating – with audio content consumption a key driver to its growth. NOVA Entertainment’s ambition is to become the Australian market leader in conversational experiences.”

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26 Feb 2019 - 9:28 am

ME: Alexa play Nova
Alexa: Playing you Smallzy’s Surger
ME: Alexa turn off


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