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Planking is so last year. Nova Adelaide's Breakfast show 'Maz, Dan and Shane' have identified a great opportunity for an ongoing story arc, with potential for 'water-cooler' talk by launching 'postering'.

Postering is all about a photo re-enactment of famous movie posters. The Nova team have listed the rules of postering:

  • It can be done anywhere at any time.
  • It is all about the pose.
  • It's not a costume competition. Costumes are allowed, but not necessary, as are props.
  • It's about recreating movie posters not scenes from movies.
  • Photoshop is frowned upon – Postering isn't a Photoshop competition. It's all about the photo, not your Photoshop skills.
  • Not all movie posters lend themselves to Postering. 

They already have a series of 'posters' recreated, and we include a few of our favourites below:


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