NOVA gets In Bed with Georgia Grace for new podcast

Launching today, NOVA Entertainment’s new podcast with Georgia Grace called ‘In Bed’ will take a deep dive into how humans from all walks of life think, feel and talk about sex.

Georgia Grace is a certified sex coach who set hundreds of people on the path to having the best and most fulfilling sex of their lives, and now she wants to help you in NOVA’s latest original podcast.

The podcast will delve into the questions people ordinarily only type in Google – how can you make your fantasy a reality? What should you do if your libido doesn’t match your partner’s? And is break-up sex always a bad idea?

In each episode Georgia Grace will link up with experts who’ve dedicated their lives to studying and understanding sex and will also speak with regular people to hear more about the experiences that many of us are often too shy to talk about.

Georgia said, “I am so excited that we can finally share this project we’ve been working on for so long. We have some of the world’s leading experts as well as everyday people sharing so openly about their experiences with sex.”

“Podcasts are the perfect medium for speaking about sex – no one else will know you’re listening to someone speak about egg-laying-dildo kinks, infidelity or how Covid has completely destroyed your sex life while you’re on the bus to work. We’ve covered a huge variety of topics and gathered a range of experiences and I hope everyone feels a little more human, informed, and even turned on after listening.”

Drawing on years of experience, Georgia combines somatics (awareness of the body) with sexology (the scientific study of sexuality) to help her clients overcome blockages, form deep connections and ultimately, experience more pleasure.

Georgia regularly appears in the media, writing for range of global publications, commenting on social and cultural sex trends on multiple platforms and talking all things sexual wellness on The Bachelor. She also works behind the scenes developing online education programs, designing sexual wellness products and working as an advisor to some of the most innovative sexual wellness brands.

Rachel Corbett, NOVA Entertainment’s Head of Podcasts and Digital Content said, “Sex and relationships have evolved both in the way we experience them and how we talk about them. One of the most important parts of this podcast was finding a broad range of people to share their thoughts and feelings on a very intimate topic. Georgia was integral to that, her warm, open and inclusive style of communicating really made people feel safe to share their most personal and private fears, interests and experiences.”

“We wanted people to feel reflected in the content or like their mind was being open to something new and I think we’ve really achieved that. We’ve launched an incredible range of shows already in 2022 and we’re so excited to have In Bed and the kind of open, honest communication it champions a part of that.”

Listen here: Omny|Spotify|Apple Podcasts

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