Nova 100’s Andy Kay shares life’s messed up moments in new book


Andy Kay is very much into self-deprecation.

Having worked in radio for more than a decade, he’s got plenty of stories to tell and he’s more than happy to spill the beans on his own life adventures, both good and bad.

Now Andy – Head of Audience Engagement at Melbourne’s Nova 100 – has written his first book.

The Adventures of Little Andy is a memoir of Andy’s messed-up life moments.

Stories range from a disastrous family reunion to an evening with the New York underworld, to a near-death experience in Tokyo, to an interview with global star Ellen DeGeneres that went horribly wrong.

Little Andy is successful and rich … not in the money sense, but in being unwittingly offensive.

He might be politically incorrect, highly inappropriate, and have a potty mouth … but perhaps we all need a little bit of Little Andy in our lives.

You be the judge.

Andy has shared his messed up life moments over many years, from dinner parties to on-air … to casually sitting on people’s desks at work.

Each time the reactions were varied from person to person, but one thing Andy noticed consistently was that they made people laugh out loud.

That’s why, during his spare time, he decided to put pen to paper.

The title of the book was a bit of a no-brainer.

Kate Langbroek used to call me Little Andy when I was the Promotions Manager for the Hughesy & Kate national Drive Show on the KIIS Network,” Andy explains.

“She would also sing me the song ‘Me and Little Andy’ by Dolly Parton regularly at work, usually on approach to my desk for a sweet treat.”

Andy says he never considered writing under a pseudonym.

“No, I’m proud to write about my life, the good and the bad. There are no skeletons in my closet.”

The book too about 9 months to complete, with Andy writing 2 to 3 hours a day.

“I was inspired by Kate’s gorgeous book (Ciao Bella) about her time living in Italy with her family during a global pandemic,” he says.

“It helped me to think of following my dream and writing about my life.”

Andy says the hardest scene to write was Little Andy’s Family Reunion.

“There was a lot of raw emotion involved in that moment in my life, but I can find the funny side about it now.”

The Adventures of Little Andy is due to be officially released on 19 July, through the Shawline Publishing Group.

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