Northside triumphs in B105’s Trivia Turf War


Brisbane … it’s been decided.

The Northside reigns!

In an epic battle of North against South, an all-girl battle of Brisbane saw Leonie from Everton Hills become $50,000 richer, having won B105’s $50k Trivia Turf War.

B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt have been hosting contestants from the North and South in a battle of Brissy brains every morning.

This week it came down to just four finalists – as well as Leonie, there was Ross from Brisbane CBD, Leena from Waterford and Kiara from Bowen Hills.

After the first round knockout, in the biggest match up since McGregor and Mayweather, or the Matildas and England (too soon?), it was Leena up against Leonie.

And Leonie coolly wiped the studio floor!

The Southside didn’t stand a chance as Leonie bravely jumped in on the first three questions, took gambles and ended up the winner.

And Stav, Abby and Matt finally laid to rest the question that has bugged Brisbane for so long.

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23 Aug 2023 - 12:19 pm

guys versus girls who will win tomorrow, oooo its gonnna be the boys this time for sure…

What a revolutionary category the old radio is becoming.


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