No doubts this time around for Kate Ritchie

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New drive announcer on the Nova network, Kate Ritchie, has spoken about her new gig working with Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold. Kate has also talked about her time doing breakfast at Nova 96.9 in Sydney, saying:

''I suppose there was a part of me that wondered why I got the job. You're always second-guessing, (wondering) am I here because I can do this job or am I here because I'm that girl from the television?''

Kate says this time around she doesn't have the doubts she did back then.

''I guess I just had to have confidence in what I could bring to the show as an individual. You can analyse things way too much – what am I going to do? what should I be saying? is it going to work? – but you really just need to get in there and do the job. We've had three weeks now and the show is feeling fantastic and we've had some positive feedback.''

Talking about her role on the show, Ritchie says: ''I'm just me and if that happens to be humorous at times then fantastic. But I actually don't feel as if there's a pressure on me to necessarily bring 'funny' to the table. I'm working with two very funny guys. And it's all about the banter. We're cracking each other up all the time and it does come from a really natural place. We're not sitting down at midday writing jokes.''

Read more in the Sydney Morning Herald.


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