New podcast helps kids transition from play time to sleepy time.


Today – March 17 – is World Sleep Day, and to coincide with that, LiSTNR and ABC Kids entertainers, The Beanies, are providing families with bedtime routine answers thanks to the Beanies Dreamies podcast.

According to a survey by the Better Sleep Council, 85% of parents say their children do not have a consistent bedtime routine, which can lead to poor sleep, poor moods, and poor overall health for the entire family.

The award-winning LiSTNR podcasters and ABC Kids stars, The Beanies, have produced seven brand new bedtime routines to help young listeners transition from playtime to sleepy time. Called Beanies Dreamies, the new episodes launch today.

Beanies Dreamies features audio activities and songs to take kids from high-energy to calm, as they get ready for bed and settle down to sleep. Children are guided to ‘shake out the sillies’, brush their teeth and then ease into bed with a final “Goodnight” lullaby that is sure to help them relax and drift peacefully off to sleep.

Each episode of Beanies Dreamies is around 10 minutes long and includes a variety of soothing sounds, calming stories, and gentle music. The episodes are perfect for children aged three to eight years old and are available on The Beanies podcast on LiSTNR, the Kinderling app or wherever you get your podcasts.

“Beanies Dreamies is designed to help parents and caregivers establish a consistent bedtime routine for their children,” said The Beanies. “We wanted to create a fun and interactive series of episodes that engage kids and help them transition from playtime to sleepytime in a positive way.”

Find The Beanies and other podcasts specifically created for parents and children on the LiSTNR app.

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