New podcast examines why inequality is rising in Australia


Guardian Australia has launched a special five-part podcast series called Who Screwed Millennials?, with episodes now running in the Full Story podcast feed.

Australian millennials are the first generation to be worse off than their parents – and things are only heading in the same direction for Gen Z.

In this series, Full Story co-host Jane Lee and reporter Matilda Boseley investigate “who screwed young Australians” and examine why inequality is rising in Australia.

Each episode delves into topics including housing, education and work. The series asks, how bad is the generational wealth divide and who is to blame?

Lee says: “Many young people are experiencing a kind of malaise about our economic circumstances and when we try to talk about it we’re told we have nothing to complain about.”

“But millennials and Gen Z have legitimate reasons to be worried. Younger generations are far more likely to be renters than their parents were at the same age; incomes have not kept up with rising housing prices.”

Boseley says:“When I finished uni, moved out of home and, just generally, entered the ‘adult’ world, I found it incredibly overwhelming. From housing costs to finding a stable job, to realising just how ridiculously expensive a block of cheese was.”

“Who Screwed Millennials? is ultimately a podcast about hope, because if society created these problems, society can fix them. And by understanding the mistakes of our past, we can ensure us millennials and gen Zers don’t pass on these struggles to the future generations.”

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