New ‘Mean-agers’ podcast to help parents challenged by raising teenagers

The Mean-agers podcast hosted by Madeleine West and child psychologist Angela Murray, sit down each week and tackle the issues of parenting a ‘mean-ager,’ one outburst at a time.

Distributed by Acast, Mean-agers will help answer questions that host, Madeleine West, and every parent want to know: How do you help your babies make the transition into young adults? How do you survive the teen years with your sanity, families, and sense of humour intact? And why are teens so mean?

To help answer Madeleine’s questions is child psychologist and former school counsellor Angela Murray.

Angela brings a wealth of experience to listeners, having worked with teens with a range of issues from anxiety to OCD, eating disorders, ADHD, family separation and cognitive assessments.

Every week the pair discuss a new challenge that comes with raising a teenager by answering questions from parents that have been submitted by voice message.

Since launching at the start of November the team has release a number of new episodes touching on questions from parents like how to help teens suffering with anxiety, how to support teens through exams, and even what to do when your teen is watching porn.

‘Mean-agers’ is created by Meshel Laurie’s Smart Fella Productions, the same team behind the successful podcasts, Australian True Crime and Calm Ya Farm.

Meshel Laurie, founder and CEO of Smart Fella Productions, said: “Mental health experts the world over tell us the groups hardest hit by the isolation and uncertainty of the Covid 19 pandemic have been teenagers and mothers. As if they didn’t argue enough!”

“So we thought it was time we shoved fake Instagram perfection in the kitchen junk drawer and wrapped our arms around real feelings, even if they’re sometimes a bit awkward, embaressing or even shameful because even though we love our kids, sometimes we don’t like them very much.”

Listen to ‘Mean-agers’ here: Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

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