New interactive audio book for Andy Lee: but do NOT open it


Andy Lee has just launched the ninth addition in the Do Not Open This Book series, with the interactive audio version available from today, free on LiSTNR.

This time he’s brought along his partner Bec Harding, and even his mate Hamish Blake makes a sneaky cameo.

Pretty Please Do Not Open This Book sees Wizz, voiced by Lee, on another adventure, this time agreeing to dance in public and having to face his fears and the 1000 butterflies in his tummy. His friend and dance partner in the story is Nessie, voiced by Lee’s real-life partner Bec Harding.

Special sound effects let parents and kids know when to turn the page.

In the series, Andy Lee has tapped into that childhood magic of definitely doing what you are told not to: “Back for more, are you? I wouldn’t bother turning another page though, because nothing happens to me if you read this one. There’s NO witch, NO spell, NO shrinking, NO time travel. It’s a rather dull affair, so I’d suggest you put this book down and go do something else.”

LiSTNR Head of Parenting and Kids Entertainment Evan Kaldor says “In this ninth book in the series, Wizz returns with his characteristic mischievousness. However, this time, Wizz asks the reader to help him tackle something new – stage fright. Wizz has a positive message to encourage kids to take the first step in doing those things in life that make them scared or anxious and we hope families, carers and educators enjoy reading this story together.”

Andy says “All I’ll say is DO NOT download it, DO NOT listen to it and if you accidentally do those first two things … definitely DO NOT enjoy it!”

Pretty Please Do Not Open This Book is available from today, 14 September, on the free LiSTNR app.

Listen here.

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