New comedy podcast dissects pop culture’s WTF moments


Lowbrow – a new comedy podcast from Mamamia being launched today – dissects pop culture’s ‘WTF’ moments.

It’s a cheat-sheet to the biggest celebrity moments from two funny women 25 years apart, Holly Wainwright and Emily Vernem.

It’s described as being like a very non-boring history lesson, from the ancient history 1990s to now.

Holly, co-host and Head of Content at Mamamia, asks “Have you ever had one of those jarring moments when you realise that when you hear the name Fergie you think of a royal wedding, and when your daughter does, they think of a Black-Eyed Pea?”

Lowbrow is about building some common ground between two generations over pop culture moments neither will ever forget. It’s enormously funny, and a little bit shocking, to realise that a lot of the big celebrity stories I’ve covered in my life are absolutely incomprehensible to a generation who get their news from TikTok.”

Co-host Em says ”I’m having the best time attempting to convince my boss Holl on important issues like how Zac Efron was meant to fall in love with me when I was 14.”

“There’s something wholesome about finding common ground with a friend who’s 25 years older than you through laughing and chatting about rogue pop-culture moments.”

Listen at, or in the Mamamia app, or wherever you get your pods.

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Chantelle warwick
17 Mar 2022 - 6:59 pm

Ahh yes a comedy podcast hosted by two people who aren’t comedians… love to see mamamia hunting for new fresh talent


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