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Southern Cross Austereo has this morning confirmed the leakiest secret in radio, by announcing the new lineup for the 2Day FM Breakfast show in 2014.


The new show will be Merrick Watts, Sophie Monk and Jules Lund, with Mel B.

It is a strong lineup individually, with a clear intention to mix in 'funny' and 'entertainment', as you would expect from the brand.

Despite the individual talent however, the show will need to be cohesive as a collective on the air, and this will have been tested firmly by SCA over the past few weeks.

We will speak to Craig Bruce later today about his thoughts on the new show on Radio Today.

Speaking at the announcement on the Today Show, the guys were on form, with jokes and light-hearted banter aplenty (hear the 2Day audio below);

When asked why it took four people to replace two, Merrick replied;

"Well to be completely fair Kyle is the size of three (laughter), oh come on am I the first person to make that joke?

(but) to answer question seriously, the composition of the show is four people with different personalities and different things to offer so we all play a different role and it's all gone very smoothly, we've done lots of testing already and trials off-air of the show and it's been really good"

Jules: "yeah we tested you (Merrick), and most of it came up positive unfortunately"

Merrick: "we're going to test later when we have a chat to the managers about why I made that joke earlier, and I'm going to say I don't care (laughs)"

Sophie: "you know what I love about it, it's two really strong women, and these two emotional blokes, who would cry over a bambi movie (laughs)"

Towards the end of the announcement, Mel B made an appearance on the satellite from Los Angeles saying;

"I'm so excited, this is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride. I am going to be back and forwards (between LA and Sydney). I just can't wait to get started".

The new show will start in January 2014.

Dan & Maz, the summer breakfast show on 2Day FM, crossed to The Today Show (unfortunately missing the actual reveal – oops).

Merrick had a couple of cracks at Kyle, they spoke about whether they’ll have a talking stick with so many voices on the show, and hear the promo at the end of this audio for how 2Day are selling the brand new show on-air.

or hear it here


In the 2Day FM press release, the 4 stars and Craig Bruce gave these quotes :-

Mel B said, “Get ready Australia….I AM BACK! I'm so excited to join the 2Day FM breakfast team with Sophie, Jules and Merrick in 2014. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!’’

Jules Lund said, "What a SEXY line-up?! I've got the hots for two in particular. No offence to Soph."

Merrick Watts said, “I’m pumped to be joining Sydney’s leading station to launch a brand new radio show with proven talent like Jules Lund and exciting and fresh breakfast radio voices Sophie and Mel B. We are going to have a hell of a lot of fun!”

Sophie Monk said, “I love Jules like an annoying brother. I've looked up to Merrick since I worked with him 10 years ago on breakfast and Mel B is a legend. But most of all, I'd like to give a shout out to my school teachers. You were wrong suckers, I'm now getting paid to do everything you kicked me out of class for, I've never used long division in my life…Thanks 2Day.”

Southern Cross Austereo Head of Content Craig Bruce said: “I’m one happy chappy. We're obviously really excited about the new line-up. We're looking forward to bringing some new ideas and fresh, original thinking to 2Day breakfast in 2014.”

See the website for the new show – 2dayfmbreakfast.com


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