Darryl Durrant launches new radio ad booking service ‘My Radio Rates’

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Veteran radio and media executive Darryl Durrant has announced the launch of My Radio Rates – a one-stop shop for radio advertising.

The new service allows agencies as well as direct clients to plan, buy and activate advertising on one simple platform.

It is also the first online platform which takes bookings for advertising campaigns across every Australian metropolitan and regional commercial radio station, plus the Australian Traffic Network.

“My Radio Rates has been 5 years in the thinking and 9 months in the developing,” Durrant told Radio Today.

“I remember trying to do some planning for a client (Audio Clinic), and all I needed was planning rates on 3 stations in 2 states, to see how much radio we could buy,” he said.

“The receptionist, wanted my name, my company, agency or direct…. Then put me through to a sales person, who was not there. Then I called back, got a different front desk person,
and went through the process again. When I got the sales manager, she said, we don’t give rates out over the phone, I’ll get someone to come and see you…

“So the experience just told me, if you could have all this at your fingertips in one location, life in radio would be a little easier for everyone …”

The platofmr features the ability to select the market, see all stations in that market and book commercials in any time zone based on demographics

“My Radio Rates is an accelerated experience – you can have limited knowledge of buying radio and immediately you have access to relevant information to make informed decisions,” says Durrant.

“This includes which station is the best demographic fit for your audience, plus what shifts rate the best.”

My Radio Rates joins Durrant’s Radio Commercials Australia and New Zealand businesses that make over 5,000 radio commercials annually.

For more info head to the official website.

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The actual radio nerd
28 Mar 2018 - 7:16 am

Good first attempt but it seems like a website that does what every other booking house does… goes away gets a quote and comes back… or am i missing the live and seamless transfer of information from 260 odd stations at the click of a button?


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