Mount Isa Survey 1, 2023

The Mount Isa Survey 1 for 2023 has been released showing Hit 102.5 Mount Isa remains dominant in the region despite minor losses in the 10+ due to a -8.3 drop in the 10-39 demographic. 

10+ Snapshot: 

  • 49.8 (-3.1) – Hit 102.5 Mount Isa
  • 14.4 (+6.2) – ABC North West QLD
  • 6.8 (-3.2) – triple j

The podium order has had a minor shake-up since the last survey in the region. 

4LM has fallen off the perch due to a -4.8 loss in the 10+ that has seen ABC North West QLD youth station triple j find its place in the top three. 

ABC North West QLD had the biggest gains in the region in this survey, jumping +6.2 in the 10+ thanks to gains in all age demographics. 

triple j just hung on with a -5.8 loss its target demographic and drops in all time slots. The vast majority of 10-39 listens are at Hit 102.5, but losses from Hit and triple j seem to have moved to ABC.

Hit 102.5 is the most popular across all time slots with rises in all areas excluding Breakfast which had a slight drop.

ABC North West QLD is the second choice in the region with rises in all slots while triple j and 4LM had losses across the board.

See the full results below. Click on an image to enlarge.

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