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Somerset Maugham once said:

“It’s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”

Sadly, it is true for many of us that our resistance to accepting less than the best for ourselves is often left wanting. All my life I have seen people (and have often been the person) who at times accepts much less than the optimum choice – the best thing for me.

Why does this happen to us? Why do we allow this to happen to us? What goes so wrong within us that we don’t give, take, earn, achieve or allow ourselves the very best? To be the best? To have the best? And to help people the best we can? For some it’s refusing the best opportunities, for others it’s wasted hours, for more it’s being in the wrong relationships and tragically for some it’s a belief they don’t deserve anything at all throughout their entire life.

It’s not money and manna I’m talking about, even the wealthiest person will confess this is true.

What is it within us that stops us from accepting the gifts and grand opportunities that abound? What could cause this so obviously and utterly self-abusive behaviour; to accept less than the best, to accept what is often even less than mediocre?

For me it’s about me.

It’s not about fear. It’s not about lack of skill or courage; it’s about me.

A gentleman once said to me that I had to learn “it was okay for good things could happen to Michael”. Yet for the longest time I didn’t understand what he meant.

I have learnt today that for me my biggest obstacle to reaching me, is me, but that doesn’t make me healed.

As I have come to understand things, somewhere along the way I was given a good dose of self-loathing (no you’re not the only one) I was born with it. Or it was conditioned into me through the way I handled my life’s experiences. Regardless however it came to be, it exists within me and only I am the one able to overcome it.

All of us have this dark life-inhibitor lurking about inside. It often manifests itself in negative self-talk, the voice that constantly tells we’re too heavy or too short. We’re too dumb, incomplete somehow, bad in bed, have a bad smile, pathetic at sports, or simply just don’t measure up to the standards the world seems to present to us. In other words, it’s a dark insidious voice that says, “You don’t deserve…”

In selling the voice says things like “I can’t close”, “I can’t handle objections”, “This guy doesn’t like me” or “I’ll never be successful”.

In effect (you are listening to your negative self) you’re conditioning yourself to lose, to accept less than you deserve and to ultimately never achieve you.

Far too many people settle for mediocrity – spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Stop listening to your head and start listening to your heart – it’s a far better servant and far superior adviser than the thing that sits on top of your neck.

The next time your head starts telling you you’re not worthy, tell it to shut up. Know everything you are and everything you have is enough to truly be everything you deserve to be.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

Sales Director | NRS Media

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