Triple M’s Mick Molloy fronts vaccine campaign for MCG

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Triple M’s Drive host Mick Molloy is one of a number of media and sporting personalities calling on Victorians to get vaccinated.

The rallying cry from the ‘Richmond Tragic’ is part of a campaign by sporting venue the MCG to get stadiums full and sport operating as normal again.

“This is a place where we can enjoy our traditions and cherish the memories of just why we love it so much,” Molloy says of the venue in the campaign, before noting that it’s time for the public to play their role.

“This pandemic is not anything we ever want to see again,” Molloy added. “Your one action out there, could help us see 100,000 people back in here [at the MCG]. So come on Victoria – from all of us – let’s get back to doing what we love.”

Melbourne Cricket Club CEO, Stuart Fox, said the MCG, which his organisation manages, has a responsibility to encourage the population to get vaccinated.

“We’re delighted to have teamed up with some of our state’s most recognisable and respected voices to lend our support and deliver the crucial message to encourage Victorians to get vaccinated,” Fox said.

“For the last 18 months, too often the Ground has been left empty. It is symbolic of the struggle all Victorians and particularly those in Melbourne have felt.

“But there is one way to get back to doing what everyone loves – and that is to get vaccinated.

“And so with our friends who have all played their part in what makes the MCG special – whether that be on the arena, in the stands or calling the events for sports fans around Australia – we encourage you all to be part of the biggest team this generation has ever seen.”

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16 Sep 2021 - 3:48 pm

The generic music bed is atrocious. With that line up of people this could’ve been a viral epic!! How bad is this..!!
Mick sounds out of breathe… don’t make him walk and talk!
Pay an Aussie artist for a decent backing song cut the length in half. That could’ve been one of the best but… it isn’t.


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