Michael Theo from ‘Love on the Spectrum’ started his own podcast

With the mission to bring love and light into everyone’s life after the difficult period we have been through, Michael Theo has launched his own podcast titled, ‘Mr A+.’

Michael featured on the popular Netflix show, ‘Love on the Spectrum’ and was a fan favourite due to his direct and likeable demeanour.

Now with his own podcast, Michael intends to release weekly episodes of his show ‘Mr A+’ every Tuesday with a series of guests.

Michaels first episode talks about his background, family, and goals for the future, also detailing how he got the nickname Mr A+.

“Mr A+ is actually my alternate name – like a stage name,” says Michael.

“When I first stared love on the spectrum, I began saying, a A+ partner looks like me. Then my mum started calling me Mr A+, and I actually liked it, it had a nice ring to it.”

“An A+ person basically is somebody who strives to be the best person they can be.”

In the most recent episode, Michael hosts his first guest, Life Coach Melanie Schilling.

Melanie Schilling is best known for her appearance as one of the therapists on Channels Nine’s ‘Married At First Sight,’ and talks all things dating and relationships.

Listen to Mr A+ here: Spotify, Apple Podcasts



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16 Nov 2021 - 4:48 pm

I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but when I heard Michael had one out, I rushed to listen.
Such a genuine and lovely guy. Really happy to hear has been given a platform to make more positive waves.


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