Merrick Watts launches new comedy podcast


Two comedians, one curious picture and no clue.

Merrick Watts is launching his first comedy podcast, Picture Discuss, on the iHeartPodcast Network Australia.

Each episode, Merrick is joined by two guest comedians who are shown a picture from around the world with no context. Using their improvisation skills, the comedians guess the back story of what’s going on. Spoiler alert – they’re usually off the mark and the real story is revealed at the end of the episode.

Comedians including Colin Lane, Kyran Wheatley, Alex Ward, Reuben Kaye, Brett Blake, Prue Blake, Andrew Hansen and Dave Thornton join Watts on nonsensical tangents and outrageous assumptions on Picture Discuss.

Watts says “Some of the biggest belly laughs I’ve had with my mates over the years have been sitting around making up shit on the spot.”

“I came up with the idea for Picture Discuss to capture some of that comedy magic and share the laughs I’ve enjoyed with some of the funniest people I know.”

ARN’s Podcast Content Director Stephanie Coombes says “Mez really knows how to ask the right questions and set his comedy comrades up to shine and deliver the laughs. Picture Discuss is enormous fun and we are excited to have Merrick and the show as an iHeartPodcast Network Original.”

The first ep of Picture Discuss is available now.

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