Mel Greig: Home and speaks on the Inquest

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Mel Greig is home and appeared primetime on Channel 7’s Sunrise this morning.

It has been a tough couple of days for Mel, who appeared each day at the inquest into the death of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha in London. It was Mel’s commitment to Jacintha’s family.  While Mel was not required to give evidence, she was allowed to address the family in person as the inquest closed.

On Sunrise this morning she talked about the inquest. Both Sunrise hosts Sam and Kochie each asked Mel some tough questions. 

Sam:How difficult was it for you?”

Mel: “It was really tough, but I knew it was something I was going to do. I made that promise to them over a year ago, that if they wanted answers that I would go to the inquest. So I was always going to go, and to be able to say sorry to them was incredibly hard. To look them in the eye.. was .. that was… very hard. But it was something I needed to do. You know that everyone was emotionally involved in that moment.  

Kochie:And how did they respond?”


Mel:They were very emotional. It was good emotion, if that makes sense. For them to see that I was genuinely sorry. You know people can release a press release or write a letter, but to see someone and to see that they genuinely mean it ,and to make that eye contact.. that was special.

You can view the entire interview below.  It talks about Mel gaining closure, with Kochie going on to ask Mel  had she forgiven herself?

Mel:  “I don’t know how you completely forgive yourself. Someone wrote my name in their suicide note. They thought of me before they took their own life. And that will stay with me forever, but I can move forward from that point. .. I think. Because I’ve tried to say I’m sorry, well I did say sorry and I went there to try and help. I hope that I have that closure now… only time will tell I think.”


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