Media Watch gives the Capital Radio Network a serve over competition winner interviews

ABC’s Media Watch has drawn attention to the Capital Radio Network over competitions to win overseas concert experiences where the winners’ responses were injected into each of the three stations’ breakfast shows to sound as if it were local.

Click on the link below to listen, watch and read the transcript:

The question is, is this a big deal, or no deal at all?

In a statement provided to Media Watch within the story above Josh Matthews, the Chief Operating Officer of the Capital Radio Network, said that the T&Cs clearly state it was a Network wide contest. But someone was uncomfortable enough to call Media Watch after hearing the same winner response being used across slightly different variations in questioning on 3GG in Gippsland Victoria, 2CA* in Canberra and 6IX in Perth.

We are in the business of radio where there are many elements that are theatre of the mind. When you realise some parts are pre-recorded, edited or networked, and not live and local, it can feel a little bit like discovering Santa wasn’t real. Most of us will have been involved in a situation somewhat similar to this, from getting a mate to call in for a phoner, to pre-recording your last hour on air to allow time for one of your other roles at the station.

What are your feelings on the matter?

Jen Seyderhelm is a writer, editor and podcaster for radioinfo

*Jen is a previous employee of this station and network.


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11 Jun 2024 - 4:02 pm

What about when ARN’s Gordie says “OUR city is the best city in the world” and copies and pastes the talk break into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane? Which city is he talking about?

11 Jun 2024 - 5:08 pm

… guess what? Paul Barry records Media Watch (gasp – it isn’t live) in a studio in Sydney which airs on a network that pretends to be “local” all over Oz … disgusting isn’t it?

12 Jun 2024 - 3:01 am

Totally misleading. It’s in no way the same as recording the last hour of a show. Nor is it “theatre of the mind”. It’s faked. It’s a rip-off. It gives listeners the wrong impression about their chances of winning. Plus it sounds so tinpot.

12 Jun 2024 - 10:31 am

There is no defending this. It’s poor. I know people need to make a living but the presenters and production staff that agreed to make this content should have refused.

CJ Ree-Jay
12 Jun 2024 - 8:43 pm

CJ – You must work for capital haha.

You’re comparing apples and oranges there my friend.


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