Former radio host Harley Breen launches Mates Talking About Stuff podcast with Nikki Britton

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One of 2DayFM’s former Breakfast hosts, Harley Breen, is back in the audio realm, launching a podcast with fellow comedian Nikki Britton via NOVA Podcasts.

Mates Talking About Stuff will come out each Monday and Friday from today, and is recorded just hours before it is released, NOVA Entertainment said.

According to NOVA, the podcast is organic, unscripted and covers everything your mates will be chatting about that day.

“Expect anything. But mostly mates talking about stuff,” Breen said. “I’ve always been an open book, so this is a recorded version of what I’m like. I bring an open mind and a ‘can do’ attitude, along with an unapologetic openness to discuss anything from beer to parenting to mental health. I met Nikki on the comedy festival circuit around two thousand years ago. She’s always been the right stuff and I’m super excited to be working with her.”

Britton said nothing was off limits for the podcast.

“Harley and I are two of Australian comedy’s most renowned over-sharers, so I’m interested to see what we get past the censorship team at Nova,” she said. “Nothing will be off limits – we plan on bringing our unfiltered perspectives to stories, both personal and topical. We’ll cover all the pressing ‘stuff’, and a lot of absolute insanity as well; often joined for a chitty chat by some of our real-life funny mates too.”

In addition to his time on 2DayFM Breakfast in 2017, Breen is an award-winning comedian who has also fronted Channel 10’s Taboo program. He also previously hosted a parenting podcast Shitting With The Door Open, with friend Wade Duffin.

Britton has also made multiple TV appearances, including How To Stay Married, The Other Guy and The Project. 

Rachel Corbett, NOVA Entertainment’s head of podcasts and digital content, added of the duo: “Nikki and Harley are two of Australia’s best comedians, so we’re chuffed to have them together in this podcast talking about…stuff. Let’s be honest, when you’ve got two people as funny as these two do you really need to make it any more complicated than that?”

Last week, NOVA Entertainment officially launched its NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network, while NOVA Podcasts is the umbrella brand for its original podcast content.

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