Mamamia takes podcast count to 47 & pitches itself to marketers as Australia’s biggest podcast network

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Women’s publishing platform Mamamia has launched its 45th, 46th and 47th podcast titles.

In its pitch to marketers about its wider content offering, Mamamia said it is now unparalleled in the podcasting arena.

“[We are] not just Australia’s biggest owned and operated podcast network, but the biggest women’s owned and operated podcast network globally,” founder Mia Freedman said in the publisher’s recent Upfronts presentation.

Freedman said Mamamia is now a “one-brand super channel” that is purpose driven and gives a platform to candid female voices.

“What Mamamia does just can’t be copied – although many try – because we’re a women’s media company. The only one in Australia. Women aren’t a line item in a holding company spreadsheet for us. They’re not a token or an add-on – they’re our main game, our sole focus, our everything,” she added.

Head of podcasts, Elissa Ratliff, joined in on the pitch, saying Mamamia offered industry-leading brand recall of 70% – “nothing compares. It’s literally in a class of its own”.

“We currently have 44 fully owned and operated shows on our podcast network, with well over 1 million women listening each month,” she said, before the publisher launches its three newest titles. “And we take the craft of brand integration as seriously as content production, whether it’s dynamically inserted or a bespoke piece of audio. Being 100% owned and operated means you’re always dealing with the source, moving fast with us and our hosts to get the integration just right.”

The company said its research showed its podcasts helped the Mamamia audience feel less isolated, more connected to a nurturing community, “or just gave them a laugh when they desperately needed it”.

The company most recently launched its 44th title, and its first foray into comedy podcasting, Cancelled, and it said next year there will be another pop culture comedy show in its stable.

Cancelled is hosted by Mamamia’s Jessie and Clare Stephens 

“It’s called Lowbrow. It’s one celebrity story, two generations and a whole lot of ‘They did what?’ It’s a fresh and upbeat way of looking at our big pop culture moments like a Bennifer 1.0, which has now turned into Bennifer 2.0,” the presentation said, noting it’s the perfect platform for big brands to partner with.

“Mamamia were the first in our industry to pioneer this smart, irreverent take on pop culture, and we’ve never stopped evolving it. Nobody does smart, funny, candid entertainment for women like Mamamia,” it added.

Lowbrow will feature one host who is from the generation of the pop culture moment being discussed, and another who is not.

In addition, a new weekly fashion podcast What Are You Wearing? will launch this week, co-hosted by leading stylist and activist Deni Todrović (Styled By Deni) and Mamamia’s head of lifestyle, Tamara Davis. It will be supported by launch partner H&M.

Co-host Davis said the podcast would transform fashion conversations in the same way Mamamia and You Beauty had transformed beauty.

“Women are telling Deni and me the way fashion is covered needs a refresh. Less ‘farshun’, more real talk that cuts through the noise. We’ll be bringing our audience fashion tips and styling suggestions that work for her needs, and help her feel great about expressing herself through clothes.”

And finally, actress Madeleine West will launch Restart in January.

West said she blew up her own life, and now women had so many questions for her.

“After hitting restart on my life, women come up to me all the time asking how, and what next? I’ve been talking to all kinds of incredible women about starting over – whether that’s after illness, a break-up, a loss. There are armies of women out there wanting change. This is where Restart comes in.”

Freedman floated the idea that Mamamia’s foundations in a loungeroom not a boardroom gave it a unique advantage, and the ability to back itself without question.

“We are so confident in our ability to deliver that Mamamia makes a completely unique partner promise,” she said. “If you’re not happy with your campaign results, then you can pay us what you think is fair, and I don’t think you’ll hear that anywhere else.”

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