Love You Man

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The spiel goes like this… but it sets it up perfectly.

A Kiwi man’s life is full of important relationships. A man and his car, a man and his dog, a man and his beer, but these all pale in comparison when compared to that sacred bond with his mate, his bro, his amigo, his best bud. But when presented with the crème de la crème of rugby experiences, how far will two mates go to get it? 


Survey is in full swing in NZ and The Edge launched a tactic “Love You Man”. Kicking it off with a viral teaser campaign online with "bromance" videos and eCards, building it up to launch a few weeks back.

It is topical on a couple of fronts (not saying All Blacks tied back to a story close to home in NZ), on brand for the station known for stunts, and a prime prize offering for the rugby mad country. Plus they secured a stack of free publicity, for again pushing the moral boundaries.

Dom Harvey said, “This is a once in a lifetime trip, so in return we need the ultimate commitment, and there is no commitment better than marriage”.

“Bromance. It is a thing and we want to celebrate it”.

The Edge announced the winners Friday morning and the promo wraps up next Friday at New Zealand’s Rugby shrine, Eden Park.



Programme Director Leon Wratt siad, “I am confident ‘Love You Man’ will add to The Edge’s reputation of pushing the boundaries. We’re not out to offend, just to make entertaining radio.” 

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