Look Who’s Making It In Radio: Kimmi Saker

For the next instalment of Look Who’s Making it in Radio, we are looking into the life and work of the NSW south coast’s, Kimmi Saker of 2EC, who has hosted The Brekky Bar for 26 years.

After realising she wanted to have a career in radio at the age of 11, Kimmi took the first chance to get her foot in the door of the radio industry. 

“I had decided I wanted to be a radio announcer at 11. I thought it was magical…and still do,” said Kimmi.

“I grew up in Bega and went to the radio station – then called 2BE – when I was 15 for work experience,” Kimmi said. 

“I sort of hassled the boss to give me a job, so I landed one after school, not on air, but it got me started.”

“Back in those days, the station only went 24 hours over the six weeks of Christmas, so the boss offered me the position of mid-dawn announcer that first year and the one after. You betcha!”

After dipping her toes in the water, Kimmi wanted to get equipped with more tools for her dream career.

“I left Bega at 17, and at 18 I was accepted into AFTRS – 1986 I think,” Kimmi said. 

“My mentors were Phil Charley and Lois Baird, who taught us on-air and production.”

“They were firm but fair and encouraging! I was pretty driven to do an excellent job and soak up as much knowledge as possible!”

Kim is one of five AFTRS alumni that have taken their skills to 2EC.

After graduating, Kimmi played the radio field, sampling different stations before making her way to the station she now approaches 30 years of working for. 

“After the course, my first full-time position was at 2RG / MTN 9 Griffith where I hosted nights and then afternoons and read the local news on telly too.”

“I also worked at 2LF Young hosting afternoons before coming back to Bega as brekky host.”

Kimmi says she feels fortunate to work at a station that covers such a large stretch of the NSW coastline. 

Beginning at Bateman’s Bay, 2EC coverage continues right down to the Victorian border, and Kimmi says all towns included feel like home. 

“We are very unique with our location, in that we cover such a long stretch of coastline and have 3 office/studio setups,” said Kimmi. 

“The main hub is in Bega, we also have Batemans Bay – where I am based and Merimbula. We all work pretty hard to keep in contact with each other and support each other.”

“We’re a pretty happy bunch that love making great radio and helping our advertisers thrive in their businesses.”

“Covering so much coast gives me the opportunity to touch base with my listeners regularly through outside broadcasts, hosting events, supporting local groups and businesses. I feel like every town in our listening area is my home!”

Kimmi aims to connect with her listeners every day to make the biggest impact possible.

“The aim of my show is to get people into their day feeling happy, positive and connected. That has always been my aim on air,” said Kimmi.

“There are many lonely, alone and struggling people waking up to another day without joy and hope. If I can help them feel life is worthwhile, to be celebrated and appreciated and give them a warm radio hug I have done my job!”

“I play feel-good music, talk about what’s happening in our community, interview locals about what is going on, play some competitions, give some stuff away and generally feel like I have the best job in the world!”

Kimmi’s advice for broadcasters considering working on the NSW south coast is, “Back up bitch it’s mine! Ha ha!” 

Just kidding, but Kimmi has accumulated a commendable amount of experience in the industry and says aspiring radio professionals need to be aware of the realities of the job.

“Seriously though, you need passion and lots of it and to work with purpose,” said Kimmi. 

“Radio is not just your workday hours. There will be days you will have to put in extra time and energy! Radio is not just a job, it really is your life in lots of ways, with many great personal experiences built around it.”

“It’s a very rewarding career!”

Not only a rewarding career, but a plentiful region for R&R, made up of, “spectacular scenery – ocean, beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains & undulating fields,” says Kimmi.

Not to mention, “oyster tasting, mountain bike trails, brewery trails, gourmet food trails, whale watching, Montague Island tours, water sports, walking trails, sculpture walk, cruise ship visits and heaps of sport!”

Who could resist? 

Listen to Kimmi live on Weekdays 6 – 9am at 2EC.

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