LiSTNR’s top 10 crime podcasts for 2024


Aussies love their crime podcasts, so to kick off the February listen-list, LiSTNR has released its list of the top 10 not-to-be missed podcasts:

Disclosed: The Children In The Pictures

Multi award winning podcast in which Australian documentary-maker Akhim Dev follows the Queensland Police investigation of a notorious child exploitation website.

Fairy Meadow (BBC)

Three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer disappeared without a trace from a beach in New South Wales in 1970. No one knows what happened to her. Investigators then found a confession in 2016, but the suspect walked free because the confession was deemed inadmissible. Hear why 50 years later this case remains unsolved and how the family are still on a mission to find her.

Gripped: You Don’t Know Me

The story of Lizzie Burdett’s mysterious disappearance, and the secrets of those in the community around her, is baffling and this podcast invites you to solve the mystery in real time along with its leading character, Noah Caruso – the brother of the accused.

Crime Insiders: Forensics – The Unabomber

Max Houck is one of the world’s most respected forensic scientists; during his time at the FBI, he worked on some of the world’s most infamous forensic investigations, including 9/11, D.B Cooper and The Unabomber. In this podcast he shares details of his incredible career.

Crime Insiders: Detectives – The Hunt for Malcolm Naden

Hear the details of a manhunt that lasted more than seven years and saw one of Australia’s most wanted men, Malcolm Naden, finally caught.

The Dry – Audio drama (BBC)

Based on Jane Harper’s best-selling thriller, this story is set in a small town in Australia where a family is brutally killed. Policeman Aaron Falk finds he must face what’s hidden in his own past to help him solve the secrets of the present.

 The Vanished (Wondery)

This true crime podcast explores stories of those who have gone missing, with host Marissa Jones often interviewing loved ones who are still searching for answers.

Crime Junkie – Conspiracy: Phillip Island

When 23-year-old Beth Barnard is found murdered in her home on Phillip Island, investigators immediately suspect another local – who has mysteriously gone missing. But despite learning about the love triangle that links them to each other, there are several pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit, no matter which way they look at it.

Dateline NBC – The Murdaugh Murders: Inside the Investigation

Focuses on the lead detectives speaking out about the investigation into once-prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh, who was convicted of murdering his wife, Maggie and son Paul.

Crime Insiders: In Focus – The Real Chopper: Part 1 & 2 – Man or Myth

Mark ‘Chopper’ Read is a huge name in Australia’s crime and gangland history, and confessed to several horrific crimes, but how much of it was true? Journalist Adam Shand tries to separate the man from the myth.

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