Listener Driven Radio – the future ?

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JACK 2 Oxfordshire has become the first radio station in the UK to take on the new LDR Takeover product from America.

LDR stands for Listener Driven Radio and allows listeners to choose upcoming songs via the station’s website and app without anyone needing to schedule a thing – the songs automatically appear ready to play in the studio.

The LDR takes place at 4 points during the day – 9am-10am, 12pm-1pm, 3pm-4pm and 7pm-9pm with 4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

LDR is featured in a special two-part guest article in eRADIO by Daniel Anstandig – CEO, LDR Interactive and Victor Caballero – VP/Operations, LDR Interactive.

Daniel Anstandig commented: “We’ve consistently seen exceptional increases in ratings, revenue, and web traffic on stations that take an interactive approach to their programming using LDR’s technology. JACKfm 2′s expanded use of LDR technology sets a new precedent for the way that audiences and broadcasters can work together to transform a radio station into an interactive community."

New Content Director Joe Thomas commented: “The power of LDR.Takeover and the creative freedom of the JACK 2 brand are about to smash themselves together and bring you Control The Music! At JACK 2, we’re truly playing what you want. Listeners will have the power to become the head of music and choose what’s played next; no other station in the UK trusts their listeners this much… but we do (guys, just don’t mess it up…).”

See more about what JACK 2 are doing here.

This article originally appeared recently on Radio Today UK.

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