The Confidence Coach will silence your self-doubt 

Cass Dunn is a clinical psychologist, life coach, and mindfulness meditation teacher who found success sharing her lessons with her podcast and bestselling book Crappy to Happy

Now Cass aims to expand her reach and impact by teaching listeners how to be more confident and overcome self-doubt with her latest LiSTNR podcast, The Confidence Coach with Cass Dunn.

Each episode will cover a confidence concern that has been sent in by a real listener, whether it is to do with career, family, health, relationships, and everything in between.

Cass talks through listeners’ anxieties and use helpful psychological ideas to provide all listeners with practical tips, tools, and techniques to take action and tackle the problem.

Listeners will gain a clear understanding of how they can apply these ideas to their everyday issues around self-doubt to grow, learn, and flourish with confidence to achieve their dreams.

“I am so excited to be launching my new podcast. We’ll aim to be a one-stop-shop to address the huge problem of self-doubt, where we’re seeing that while we might be achieving more and more, internally we still feel so much doubt and anxiety,” Cass Dunn said. 

“As a clinical psychologist, I’m looking forward to sharing my winning strategies to help those who are interested in self-improvement and feel as though they could have a more purposeful, fulfilling life but lack the confidence to make the necessary changes.”

Cass addresses and talks through listener problems, providing her advice and tips as an expert rather than an interviewer.

Through the conversations, Cass aims to help her listeners make positive, meaningful, and lasting changes in their personal lives whilst ensuring that their lack of confidence does not get in the way.

LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of Content, Jen Goggin, said: “This podcast is one of a kind as it empowers and encourages audiences to take control of their lack of confidence and overcome it in order to achieve the success they deserve.”

The Confidence Coach with Cass Dunn is now available on the LiSTNR app.

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