Latest research on how radio listeners will vote

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With the election only 48 hours away, David Bartlett has some updated research on how radio stations impact political thought and voting intentions in Sydney:

  • 2GB listeners believe they should be running the country
  • 2UE listeners believe they are running the country
  • 702 listeners are actually running the country
  • 2CH listeners wish Menzies was still running the country
  • Triple M listeners don’t care who is running the country as long as she has big tits
  • 2KY listeners will give you 9-1 that Malcolm Turnbull will eventually be running the country
  • FBi listeners are too out of it to know who is running the country
  • 2SM listeners, both of them, wish John Laws was running the country
  • 2Day FM listeners think that One Direction should hold the balance of power in the Upper House
  • Radio National listeners know who is running the country and the names of all 150 MPs
  • Nova listeners think they are listening to 2Day FM and also approve of One Direction forming a government
  • WSFM listeners still think Bob Hawke is running the country
  • MIX 106.5’s female listeners are still trying so hard to cope with the fact that Ricky Martin is gay to care about who is running the country. Their male listeners are so happy that Ricky is gay that they are unaware an election has been called.
  • triple j listeners wish Bob Brown was still in parliament
  • smoothfm listeners slept through the announcement that an election has been called
  • Hope 103.2 listeners think that Jesus should be PM
  • Classic FM/2MBS listeners can still remember how they voted at federation
  • DAB+ only listeners have not heard a news update for over two years and don’t even know there is an election
  • The Edge listeners will be voting at Home Nightclub and Arq this Saturday at 5am

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