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After 12 years Hughesy & Kate announced their exit from Nova 100 this morning, they will finish up at the end of the survey year.

On-air this morning they have spoken to many listeners and paid tribute to dmg Radio, the various staff who work, and have worked, on the show; in particular Executive Producer Sacha French and founding anchor/co-host Dave O'Neil.

In part, Hughesy & Kate said;

Kate: "Hughesy and I have decided that this will be our last year of doing our show, we have loved it and we still love it. We love doing the show, and we love our team, we love our bosses"

Hughesy: "We've had so much fun over 12 years now, it's been a joy to come to work, it's been a joy to work with you Katie, I swear to god I have not had one boring day in 12 years."

"Sacha has been amazing, Sach has been here since day 1, every single morning, she's been a constant in our lives. You two women have been so good for me over all these years, its been incredible. Katie you have been amazing with everything you've been through"

Kate: "It's going to be very tough to leave, it's been a massive decision, we've been talking about it for a long time, and as with everything, we've decided it together"

Kate: "I love you Dave Hughes"

Hughesy: "I love you too Kate"

Kate: "And I never want to see you again (laughs)"

Hear the complete audio of the announcement here.

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