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Liam is the PD and Breakfast Host of 96five in Brisbane and writes for Radio Today.

How important is it today to kit out your team in radio station gear?

The logo’s, the shirts, jackets, hats etc. Well now more than ever it’s vital to your success.

Labby is a great anchor of the B105 Breaky Show, a slick operator with great radio insight and an all round nice guy.

In every photo I’ve ever seen him in he continues to be logo – less. Sure the act of wearing a radio station T-Shirt, retro Bomber Jacket or current survey promotional hat may be a throw back to the 90's, but why rob yourself of the opportunity to sell yourself, the station and your brand to your audience.

As a kid I caught a train for 2 hours to sit in the Queen Street Mall and watch Gibson & Duckworth broadcast live for 12 hours straight.  Now there was no doubt in my mind who the talent were. The guys had on their Triple M jackets and were logo’d to the hilt. As a fan, I wanted to know who my favourite announcers were. I want to be able to identify with that voice that comes out of my speakers, and put a face to the voice.

The “too cool for school” mentality could damage your station. As a station you can't afford the luxury of any on air talent going rogue and wearing what they like. You must wear a logo every time you appear in public. Not investing as a station in kitting out the entire on air and promotions team will dilute your product.

Never underestimate the mystique that radio still has for the listener. They want to be involved in what you do, the things your represent and are seeking a touch point. Nothing screams "I’m The Guy from the Radio” quicker than a radio station staff shirt.

At the Brisbane Ekka a few years ago even I (as someone who gets paid to talk on the air) went to see Labby and Stav from B105 live from their broadcast stage. Not one piece of logo between them. All the promo staff were kitted out, and as a fan I wouldn’t know who to approach.

You want to be approachable, welcoming and noticed. Use those classic open hand gestures when meeting potential new listeners and give them every vehicle to join in, starting with the way you look.

My Top 3 on Why Wearing a Logo is a Must

  • You’ll be noticed, recognised and become more familiar to your listeners, making it easier to connect the dots, to who you are and where they think they know you from
  • You alone are nothing without the Radio Station you represent. The station is King, respect it, be proud of it and show it off
  • You’ll unite the radio station. An entire team, dressed like a team, united together which “practically” makes you all stand out from a large crowd and lets you see who's not actually pulling their weight from a distance, in a team environment

As for my old mate Labby, what he lacks in logo, he makes up for in getting the job done well. And I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Kyle may have made him tattoo the station logo on his arm back in his Hot 30 days, and for that he gets double points.

Liam Renton

Program Director 96.5 FM Family Brisbane.


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