Lachlan Hulley: “It’s OK to step outside your comfort zone”


Lachlan Hulley is living proof that sometimes, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

Since joining the RadioVoice Radio & Podcast Skills Building program, he’s acquired the tools and confidence to make his mark on the industry.

Celebrating diversity in broadcasting, the program is designed and delivered exclusively for the disability sector, giving people the chance to take their passion to the next level.

Lachlan – who grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Parkdale –  tells Radio Today he’s always been interested in all things media.

“I was involved with GenU, who are a disability support service. They mentioned the RadioVoice program as being a potential great fit, so I commenced the Radio & Podcasting Skills Building program in May, 2021.”

Lachlan also has a deep passion for good old Aussie pub rock.

“You can pretty-much ask me any question about Michael Hutchence and INXS or AC/DC!”

After completing his RadioVoice training, Lachlan was able to secure a spot on Melbourne’s 90.7 SYN FM where – with the assistance of RadioVoice – he produced a weekly radio program, The Oz Pub Rock Show.

“This gave me the opportunity to play the music I love, and share my passion with the SYN audience. “

Lachlan now hosts the Behind the Scenes podcast.

“Podcasting is also a passion of mine. I love having the opportunity to chat with talented people in the media and hear their wonderful stories.”

“I would one day love to be more involved in media, so wanted to hear from people in the industry who work in the background, making sure things tick along, in most instances, without us knowing who they are.”

“I wanted to give the people who write the stories; push the buttons or keep the lights on the chance to share their story.”

Lachlan says RadioVoice Director Daz Smith has been a solid and supportive presence in his radio journey.

“I really appreciate the chance to work with Daz. The RadioVoice program has not only given me the opportunity to work on radio and have my own weekly podcast, but also build my communication skills, improve my confidence, build resilience and prove that it’s OK to step outside your comfort zone and chase your dreams.”

Check out Lachlan’s Behind The Scenes podcast here.

More info on the RadioVoice program here.

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Daz Smith
9 Feb 2023 - 8:53 am

Thanks so much Sarah for allowing Lachlan to share his story. Great article and very much appreciated.


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