Kyle sticks up for Jackie after Will Ferrell chat

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With the stars of Anchorman 2 doing the rounds of TV and radio, there was an altercation this morning after Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner's pre-record for the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

During the chat Jackie mispronounced Ferrell's name as 'feral' which led to an American minder cornering her after the interview, verbally attacking her and allegedly calling her "stupid".

Kyle wasn't there for the incident but when he was told about it he stood up for his co-host, confronting the publicist. He told Confidential:

"I got right up into his face with that stupid Ned Kelly beard and told him that he and the entire crew had five minutes to vacate the premises because I will not have anyone talking to a member of our team like that. It was absolutely disgusting."

The Today Show's Karl and Lisa witnessed Kyle and the publicist, as they were also at 2Day FM at the time.

"Lisa said that I was a hero for standing up to him. Well you can't have that kind of s*** going on," said Kyle.

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